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Author Topic: Product health protection
dreamgofashion Posted: 24-Jul-18 09:42
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As benzene-soluble plastic gravure printing ink in environmental protection and occupational health hazards, and health and safety performance of products brought to the hidden dangers, the positive development and application of environmentally green gravure printing ink will be necessary. At present, the new environmentally friendly ink on a benzene-based inks and water-based ink types.
1. Benzene-based ink Benzene-based ink, also known as benzene-free ketone ink, which does not contain toluene, methyl ethyl ketone in the ink. Benzene-based ink is the traditional plastic gravure ink in toluene, MEK, or by other non-toxic substitute less toxic solvent, and its printability with traditional rival of toluene-based inks, so as to achieve environmental protection, safety. At present, the benzene-based inks are mainly alcohol and ester-soluble types. The former are ethanol, isopropanol and propanol as solvents such as ink, which is ethyl acetate, n-propyl and other solvent ink. As the alcohol solvent and ester solvent with low odor characteristics of benzene is not able to effectively reduce environmental health hazards and damage to personnel and reduce the residual solvents in food packaging materials and drug quality, so benzene of ink are widely used in developed countries. In China, the alcohol-soluble ink launched earlier in the domestic large enterprises has been widely used plastic packaging, production is relatively large; acetate-soluble ink is also promoting use.
Esters as solvents and alcohol solvents on the solubility of organic solvent, after all less than benzene, so alcohol and ester-soluble gravure ink at the beginning listing has happened paste version, tone reproduction of inaccurate printability problems. But through continuous technological improvements, has reached its printability with toluene match the extent of ink. However, the cost of benzene than the benzene-soluble ink ink by 20% to 30%, so to some extent limited its marketing efforts, particularly in the use of SMEs.
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