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Author Topic: the wardrobe instead of the middle
dreamgofashion Posted: 05-Sep-18 01:50
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it is best to measure the approximate size of the wardrobe in advance, and ask different merchants to provide design plans and quotes for comparison. 4. Precautions for customizing the whole wardrobe After receiving the product in the customized wardrobe,
when the wardrobe is inspected, the package can be opened to check whether the board has an irritating taste. Check whether the sheet and accessories used are consistent with the agreement, and the edge of the sheet is processed. The quality is qualified, if there is any problem, please contact the merchant immediately.
If you want to install the wardrobe door at the same time, pay attention to the cleaning work of the cabinet and the sliding door before installing the wardrobe door. If the wardrobe door is designed in two doors, the position setting when installing the drawer should be on the two sides of the wardrobe instead of the middle.
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