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Author Topic: newly introduced flooring standard
dreamgofashion Posted: 05-Sep-18 03:41
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<p>and sellers with little knowledge of the lacquered floor.<a href='
'>hollow core plastic wood panels</a> The number of floor standards has been issued for three months, which is quite frequent compared with other industries.The introduction of standards is intended to regulate corporate production behavior and protect consumer rights, but the market reaction is very cold.[url=
]how long does it take to install hardwood floors[/url] In an interview with the Lan Jingli home floor monopoly area, the reporter found that none of the sporadic </p>
<p>consumers knew about these standards.<a href='
'>building a deck dow to a dock</a>When the reporter asked the floor sales guide as a consumer, there were 3 floor manufacturers' shopping guides who knew the standard, but when the reporter asked him to show the inspection certificate, only two of them took out the national standard test certificate,[url=
]outdoor wall tiles price[/url] and the other one Only took out the manufacturer's own test certificate.When inquiring about the contents of the national standard, </p>
<p>the salesperson only responded by meeting international environmental standards.<a href='
'>feasibility study for establishing wood plastic deck industry</a> Ms. Yan told the reporter that she had learned about the newly introduced E0 standard from the process of purchasing the floor. Because it is related to environmental protection and health, she is very concerned about it,[url=
]pvc fence manufacturer minimal maintenance[/url] but she is not aware of other service standards and paint floor standards.She doubted whether the company had reached the international </p>

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