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Author Topic: various flooring companies
dreamgofashion Posted: 05-Sep-18 11:34
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<p>Association Floor Circulation Committee has also set up a quality consulting and complaints department and opened a 24-hour “floor 315 hotline”.<a href='
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]interlocking plank board seven trest made in belgium[/url] only three months of floor industry standards have been introduced, so the frequent introduction of standards can achieve the effect of regulating enterprises and maintaining consumer rights?The </p>
<p>reporter conducted an interview on this matter.<a href='
'>wpc outdoor singapore pools</a> Many consumers said that these standards have not been heard, and the standards for professionalism are even more confusing.However, the company believes that the listed products are international standards that have already exceeded domestic standards, [url=
]how to make a planter box out of composite[/url]and the national standard has a lag.For companies and consumers who do not buy it, Yang Meixin, vice president of the Floor </p>
<p>Circulation Committee of the Timber Circulation Association, believes that the national standard is based on national conditions, <a href=''&
gt;clean grey wood deck</a>and some standards are even higher than international standards.In order to support the newly introduced flooring standard industry association, it has also opened a hotline to accept consumer consultation and complaints.[url=
]composite panel fabrication training[/url] The floor standard has frequently introduced the new national standard for the buyers </p>

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