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Author Topic: the agreement of both parties
dreamgofashion Posted: 06-Sep-18 02:33
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The court held that the two parties reached a sales contract through the Taobao network platform. The seller has not delivered the fixed crops in accordance with the contract to the buyer. It is obviously a breach of contract and should bear the liability for breach of contract to continue to perform and compensate for the losses.
The buyer retains the first set of crops, in accordance with the agreement of both parties. According to the relevant laws and regulations, the Lucheng Court decided in the first instance that the seller should deliver the Arhat bed in accordance with the corresponding regulations to the buyer.
within 35 days from the effective date of the judgment and bear the freight. The buyer pays 65,000 yuan. After the buyer receives the Arhat bed that meets the requirements, he must immediately return the first set of Arhat bed for retention.
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