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Author Topic: given priority to with
xiao1235 Posted: 01-Nov-18 05:47
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hub to basically be given priority to with eucalyptus section, major product sells past Japan, lead to raise this international market that saves hub to have,[url=]maximum slat spacing for bench[/url] head office of Hainan province forestry is in base of stable raw material while, develop an international market energetically, extend management antenna to Korea, sign contract of long-term purchase and sale with company limited of pulp of Korea the East

China Sea. The winter was handed in last year meeting, both sides signed yellow section of hemp of 100 thousand tons of wood to export a contract, contract amount 9.4 million dollar,[url=]discount composite shims Colombia[/url] heretofore of Korea travelling merchant already invested many yuan 1000 to cooperate with province forestry head office afforestation, in the island Dong Lin field and Dan city forestry center build oar paper to fizzle out with

material wood hemp 50 thousand mus, built base of solid exit raw material, the wood chip that sold past Korea last year increased many tons 20 thousand. Current, hainan province [url=]outdoor deck recycled dallas texas[/url] already built of all kinds fast give birth to base of high yield forest many mus 70, exit hub tree is planted also turn to occupy exit to measure to fizzle out with wooden hemp by onefold ash 6 into above. It is reported, come 5 years exit of

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