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Author Topic: Kitchen cabinet design misunderstanding
dreamgofashion Posted: 01-Nov-18 06:31
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<p>The height of the countertop is fixed. Nowadays, the height of the countertops of many people's homes is the same, so we can't be too rigid when designing the countertop height. The height of 80cm is only a [url=]recycled wood plastic gazebo[/url] reference value. We should compare the height of the main cooks to the countertops. Adjust the height so that we can use it more conveniently. </p><p>The distance between the pool and the stove is too far. Because many owners have insufficient experience in decoration, most of the cabinet[url=]fence post across existing slab[/url] design is followed by the designer's advice. Some designers have insufficient professional skills, and the pool and the stove are arranged far away, or they are not on the same operation plane, so that the owner will feel a lot of inconvenience when using it later. Usually our cooking process is to clean, reprocess, and finally cook. The pool and the cooktop should be on the same plane, not too far away, so as to [url=]white composite pickets[/url] improve cooking efficiency.</p>

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