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Author Topic: natural resources of strict
xiao1235 Posted: 02-Nov-18 02:02
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strengthen a forest to cut, natural resources of strict control forest fells, bureau of Guangdong province forestry came on stage recently new " Guangdong province forest [url=]Wood plastic composite decking is green[/url] cuts administrative measure " . New " method " cut to the forest limitation and management of timber production plan made detailed provision, cut in forest licence, cut operation management field increased a few get used to Guangdong forestry to produce

effective new regulation. New " method " offerred favourable policy to be not the lumber of state ownership afforestation to produce a plan, set what raw material forest and [url=]cover chain link fence Hobart[/url] enterprise of foreign investment afforestation build bred industry the enterprise that is raw material with lumber is directional fast give birth to high yield forest, its manage an area to be in in 3000 hectare above, management deadline 15 years

above, and already entrusted unit of design of forestry investigation program weave the forest runs program, its cut limitation and timber production plan can be in charge of a [url=]composite teak deck dark brown[/url] branch by administration of forestry of prefectural class above special staff, by city forestry administration director branch newspaper saves forestry administration to be in charge of a branch special sheet lists make known to lower

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