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Author Topic: Another garden features
xiao1235 Posted: 26-Dec-18 10:48
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location for it. A garden trellis can either be purely decorative or functional. A simple two-post trellis can beautify your scenery, while a bigger and larger one can be used as an overhead for a loveseat. One with a gazebo design featuring a fully covered roof can provide shelter from the rain or
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immense heat, while one covered only by vines, like the regular pergola, may just give some considerable shade from the hot rays of the sun. If you want it to be used for holding guests, you may want to build it at the front of your home. On the other hand, if you want it to be your own small space,
constructing it at the back would be more ideal. Summer houses and pavilions can accommodate a larger number of people, while pergolas and gazebos are great for keeping to ourselves or for being with a small company of friends or family. Since the environment is usually surrounded by flowers, vines,
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