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Author Topic: watering regulations due to droughts
xiao1235 Posted: 05-Jan-19 16:12
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process of household water conservation. It is estimated that approximately 22,000 gallons of water per household is used on watering a single lawn throughout a single year. 22,000 gallons of water can fill and entire standard sized in ground swimming pool. If you put it into perspective, each house
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in a neighborhood can use up an entire swimming pool just on watering lawns in a single year. With how environmentally wasteful this is, a single product-artificial grass can greatly reduce, if not completely get rid of this statistic, saving entire swimming pools worth of water as each year goes
by. Since synthetic grass can last for several years, the amount of water conserved continues to grow with the lifetime of the turf. With many states that have enacted lawn watering regulations due to droughts, adopting an artificial turf lawn eliminates the need for following regulations, as it does
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