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Author Topic: expert onto a specific substrate
xiao1235 Posted: 07-Jan-19 05:31
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trampolines or paddling pools as it won't go yellow. Cons Needs occasional brushing to maintain its appearance. Doesn't feel or smell like real grass. What's new? New shades, textures and grass types mean artificial lawn has moved on considerably in recent years - it's now difficult to distinguish it
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from the real thing Decorative Aggregates What is it? Can be made from crushed natural stones including basalt, flint and limestone, rounded pebbles, crushed sea shells or even recycled glass. Pros Good budget material that comes in different colours and is ideal for creating curves and shapes. Free-
draining, takes no skill to install and only requires a woven membrane underneath. Cons Can spread and get kicked around. Shoes and wheels can sink into gravel. Cats and other animals may use pebbly areas as a toilet. What's new? A new honeycomb system can be laid in order to prevent aggregates shifting
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