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Author Topic: the board surface
dreamgofashion Posted: 08-Jan-19 03:50
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<p>strong visual impact, waterproof and anti-pollution ability, and good care. The disadvantage is that the process level is high, and it should be carefully taken care of. If scratches are [url=]light weight composite 4ft x 8ft 1/2 in board[/url] difficult to repair, it should be replaced as a whole. Glass plate glass plate wardrobe door can be made into various patterns, and the color is gorgeous, the shape is diverse</p><p> has a strong visual impact, very beautiful and waterproof, good anti-pollution ability, and the price is relatively affordable. The mirror resin plate mirror resin plate is rich in color and waterproof, but it is not wear-resistant and easy to scratch, and the high temperature [url=]how to put wood panels on wall horizontal[/url] resistance is not very good.</p>

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