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Author Topic: have done with their small garden
xiao1235 Posted: 25-Jan-19 02:23
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surrounding and look in to what other folks have done with their small garden. Go to a historic space of row houses and see what types of gardens those folk have built. You do not have to be a copycat but beautiful gardens in other small spaces can be an inspiration. Look down the gardens along your row of homes. How that would produce the look
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and experience of your complete neighborhood. If there are not a many gardens, maybe you can give inspiration to your neighbors and change your complete neighborhood in to a wonderful botanical paradise. Garden Design - How to Plan Your Garden and Make a Garden Project The garden planning process starts with an analysis of the existing
situation. You have to be aware, what are the values and what are the disadvantages of your garden. At first estimate the good views in the garden - to a natural territory, to a hill or a lake - mark on a plan all views, that you consider valuable. Mark also important views - from the garden terrace, from the living room in the house or any other place, which
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