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Author Topic: ecological board
dreamgofashion Posted: 25-Jan-19 02:44
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<p>Although it is not necessary to paint the ecological board, its stabilizing effect is much better than that of the ordinary board, and the smoothness of the ecological board is also very high. When using eco-sheets, there is no need to worry about peeling and fading, and there will be no chromatic aberration between each eco-board. The ecological sheet has the [url=]what wood for horizontal slatted[/url] texture and color of solid wood panels and has a very good decorative effect. Wide range of applications. The ecological board has very good functions in every aspect, and has excellent effects of high temperature resistance, fire resistance and moisture resistance. In the process of making [url=]how to waterproof a wood gate[/url] ecological board, it is not necessary to apply various waterproof or anti-corrosion coatings.</p><p> Wide, ecological panels have a particularly good solid wood feel, which can be adapted to a wide range of home style designs. Disadvantages of ecological plates The ecological plates have a very good feel, but they are very cumbersome in the production process. The work on the operation, cutting [url=]pvc coated no climb fence[/url] and sealing is particularly strict. The workmanship is particularly prone to chipping of the plates, so the cost of the plates is reduced. . Although the ecological board has a very good stable function, after a long period of time, there are still some cracks. Therefore, users should not pay attention to maintenance during use, to prevent the plate from being hit, the impact on the ecological plate is easy to cause [url=]composite platform deck[/url] damage to the plate, and the damage can not be repaired.</p>

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