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Author Topic: two inches off the floor
xiao1235 Posted: 13-Feb-19 04:52
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requirements, fertilizing, and watering. Containers are available in different sizes and materials but always check if your planters have sufficient holes for proper drainage. Make sure it is not too many so that it will not drain quickly after watering. If you have a drainage problem, set your planters on a solid surface such as cement or patio floor. Elevating
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the container one of two inches off the floor by placing it on blocks of wood will solve the drainage problem. The size of the flowerbox will be determined by the plant grown. Most plants grown in the soil can be grown on planters as long as there is enough space for root development. Shallow rooted plants need a container that has 6 inches in
diameter and eight inch soil dept. The ideal planting medium for planters should provide drainage system with ample water retention to keep the root zone uniformly moist. Most container gardeners have found that a soilless potting mix works best. This mixture is better because it is free from soil- borne diseases and weed seeds. These mixes can be
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