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Author Topic: Fireproof sheet features Insulation
dreamgofashion Posted: 19-Feb-19 06:36
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<p>The insulation and insulation properties of this fireproof sheet are six times that of fireproof sheet glass and ten times that of ordinary concrete. Fire-resistant flame retardant: Concrete [url=]exterior wall composite materials usa[/url] is inorganic, does not burn, does not produce harmful gases at high temperatures; In addition, the concrete has a small thermal conductivity, which makes the heat migration slow, can effectively resist fire and protect the structure from fire.</p><p> Sound absorption and sound insulation: good sound [url=]diy outdoor slat bench ideas[/url] insulation and sound absorption. Good durability: good durability, no aging problems, long service life. Green and environmental protection: no radioactive substances and harmful gases are generated during use. The independent micro-bubbles can make the gas concrete products have certain impermeability and [url=]wood composite board from the factory[/url] prevent the penetration of water and gas.</p>

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