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Author Topic: tranquility in your home
xiao1235 Posted: 16-Apr-19 04:07
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control light and privacy with light filtering or room darkening fabrics and liners. Sheer shades work like cellular shades and wood wall panels all in one. They offer you privacy and will filter light. Some of the more popular horizontal sheer shades or wall panels include Hunter Douglas Silhouette and Comfortex Shangrila. Sheer shades are going to give
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you a clean contemporary look, offer remote control for hard to reach walls and are excellent for controlling light and privacy with filtering or room dimming fabrics. Electric or automatic wall panels are essentially a form of motorized wall panel and are going to make your life easy! They're great for hard to reach walls, increase energy efficiency
and personal security, and you can even set the timer to raise and lower your wall panels at specific times. The best part about this great wall panel is there is no wiring required! Some of the benefits include, increased energy efficiency since they are on a timer, increased security and peace of mind when you are home alone, and great control for hard to
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