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Author Topic: overall sales of solid wood flooring
dreamgofashion Posted: 22-Mar-18 02:46
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<p>to be realized, and it is bound to engage in low-cost dumping.<a href='
'>smoothing raised wood on pvc deck</a>” Most floor manufacturers feel price wars. Confused, a number of veteran flooring companies such as Hongnai and Shengxiang began to seek breakthroughs. Zhang Yan, general manager of Honglan flooring flooring company in Beijing,[url=]d
ubai pvc decking in finland[/url] said: “Hongnai is not completely immersed in the price war. We advocate a value war.” For example, he said that the value of the products and </p>
<p>services of Evergreen flooring was 100 yuan,<a href='
'>name for tiny gray mites on deck</a> but now it will provide more. Many services, such as home decoration accessories and other consulting services, strive to win the market through services. At present, the sales of pilot stores have improved significantly, with a single store growth of 30%.[url=
]polycarbonate panels for gazebo[/url] Guo Hui, vice president of Shengxiang Group believes that the development of the flooring industry is still in the transitional period when the </p>
<p>brand has not yet emerged strongly and the industry has grown to a stage of full competition. Products are seriously homogenized, and the price war is inevitable.<a href='
'>supplies for building a deck over my concrete steps</a> St. John first adjusted the product structure, from strengthening the floor to a single show to strengthening, compounding, solid wood,[url=
]tongue and groove pvc decking uk suppliers[/url] three carriages go hand in hand. Under the current market, it will turn its attention to the individualized survival model. Product </p>

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