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Author Topic: Diabetic Weight Loss and Supervision?
reginafancy Posted: 01-Apr-20 08:28
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a trying day at work Nucentix Blood Sugar GS-85 Review relationship issues a financial crisis Stress of any kind that leads to an overwhelming strain that prevents you from thinking about anything other than the problem, can indirectly affect your blood sugar levels by causing you to forget about your regular diabetes plan. You may then:

eat more, or even less food eat more high carbohydrate foods exercise more, or less not check your blood sugar levels forget to take, or delay taking your insulin or anti-diabetic drugs To identify the affect of stress on your blood sugar levels: record your stress level in your log book, score on a scale of 1 to 10

test your sugar levels after a couple of weeks, check your results to see if there is a pattern A stress busting program could include: coming up with a resilience program so that you can rise above daily stresses. Have a strategy in place so that if you hit a bump, you won't stress take out at least 15 minutes of each day for relaxation

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