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Author Topic: I hope SEGA understands who the fanbase is for PSO
Nanlina Posted: 03-Apr-20 01:20
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It's difficult. I have things in my storage some pricey costumes, lvl 90 chars, * 15's and about 6000 hours. I would hate to lose all that progress if Sega decided they want to region lock JP PSO2 servers because they're westernizing PSO2, rather than move over advancement over the NA servers. I can not really imagine what the player shop is going to be like also. This will either work fine, or honestly be a shot in the foot.Sega might eventually have an excuse to rid us baka gaijins off their variant to a Westernized MMO version of PSO2 that will expunge our existing advancement and probably have level skips and a financial purchase for 15*s. Call me paranoid but I'm terrified of the launch more than pleased.

To those on the record saying an email was sent About the Sega PR list. "There won't be any limitations on sport experiences such as Class Level cap or direct purchase of high-tier weapons because we would like to provide players with a fair and exciting encounter. If players still find themselves in need of help for their quest, microtransactions are there to help." Kinda made me worried, I know what kind of things you can buy for ARKS cash rn and yes it will help for say leveling with all the ex boosters along with the damn scrape thing stat affixes such as the Grace series of abilities or lively or Noble series, etc. so yeah its kind of P2W in that minor case. Yet I believe that the western model of PSO2 could alter that if Microsoft has any hand in anything. If not great I hope people enjoy that version to the best of the abilities, I staying skeptical of anything related with Microsoft or some other entertainment company.

I hope SEGA understands who the fanbase is for PSO, as somebody who's only just barely on the edge of being in the PSO fanbase (I don't play it no matter how much I really like it) I understand that many if not all present western fans are astoundingly devoted for this show to go out of their way to get Japanese balances, and I hope they take"Hey, you've been enjoying in Japanese in the meantime, therefore here, move your characters to those more local servers!" Comes to West, but I doubt that.

Im really just to surprised now for words. I was really excited when this was announced and got to do so when it started but the language barrier was somewhat much for me I didn't play as much as I wanted too. Really hope it doesn't fizzle out. PSO was the only online game to actually ever hold my interest.I remember in their respective eras, PSO and PSU equally had impressively large, but somewhat hushed fanbases. I never saw anyone about playing either of them talking, but found out that the servers were popular up. I'm expecting at least that is got by us. Now to expect I can get my Clan to Phantasy Star Online 2.

I do not think it will impact the PSO2na population. I fully expect a great deal of players to return. You may observe the influx of action from accounts that are old if you've got an account on pso-world. If Sega did not observe the value of bring Phantasy Star Online 2 to the West themselves, it's possible the quantity of players is not significant enough to warrant a Western release. Judging from the older games, the people was great enough (at least Xbox) but complete blocks were on short supply. Phantasy Star Online 2's success will greatly rely on players imo.Wait, back in 2015/2016 I had been using that japanese client with the superb english translation downloads. Your saying I may not have the ability to use that character I was playing with back then? I mean, many non-Japanese are still using Tweaker even today (that has improved tremendously since that time, and no longer needs you to have installed the Japanese client. It'll do it for you if you allow it to.) But us playing on the Japan host is against the rules (hence each of the bannings way back when.) It's extremely unlikely Sega let transfers and will be cool.

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