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Author Topic: The Diabetes Glycemic Index is Not Just For Diabetics
sylviepinley Posted: 16-Apr-20 09:31
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But in diabetics, those Blood Sugar Stabilizer Review people sufferi
ng from the disease called diabetes, the body does not efficiently wor
k in the way the body of a healthy non-diabetic does and a much greate
r fraction of the glucose produced stays in the bloodstream, a dangero
us condition that can lead to serious health problems if not properly
and promptly treated.

Because the main source of glucose produced in the body is from the c
arbohydrate content of the food we eat it would seem logical for the d
iabetic person to consider reducing the amounts of carbohydrates in th
eir diet. But there is a difference of opinion among the various medic
al authorities and organizations and medical practitioners whose main
interest is diabetes and its treatment.

In favor of higher carbohydrate intake The American Diabetes Associat
ion and the diabetes associations of most countries, including Canada,
Great Britain, and Australia, recommend a relatively high carbohydrat
e intake, usually in the range of 55% to 65% of total calories consume
d. When those recommendations are followed, effective measures must be
taken to counter the effects of the higher levels of glucose that wil
l remain in the blood stream of diabetics because of that higher carbo
hydrate consumption. Those measures involve diet, exercise, maintainin
g a stable and proper weight, weight loss if necessary, and possibly,
prescription medications.

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