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Author Topic: WOW Classic Phase 4 Details: Release Date, Raid, Battleground And Dragons
rsorderforgame Posted: 26-Apr-20 09:26
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It was meant with Phase 4 release that World of Warcraft Classic is coming to the latter part. As Blizzard had announced to divide Classic content into six phases and release them on different dates as early as its arrival. As always, a new phase would bring different game content, following on from the launch of Phase 3 on February 12, the Public Test Realm was already available for players.

Blizzard announced that Phase 4 of WOW Classic will start on April 16, until then it would bring new 20-player Zul’Gurub raid, the Dragons of Nightmare, as well as Arathi Basin battleground that have been available since March 10. Here are full details you expected to see in Phase 4.


This is a challenging raid requiring 20 players to join, providing quests to adventure and competing for a total of 120 new rare and epic items. In order to unlock the raid, you need to discover the ancient troll city first located in the jungles of Stranglethorn.

Arathi Basin

It is a 15v15 battleground located in Arathi Highlands, the Alliance and the Horde are competing from the critical zone with wealthy natural resources. As a result, no matter which faction you are choosing, you have to fight for each other’s resources and earn reputation and rewards.

The battleground has been running in WOW Classic beyond one month, as a warm up for Phase 4.

Dragons of Nightmare

This caused a mysterious and powerful force by the huge dragons with the emerald-colored scales of the green flock of dragons are guarding the portals on the big trees.

Don’t underestimate these creatures, or never approaching them easily, unless you are in a team, because it will not hesitate to destroy any one who dares to come near itself.

Incidentally, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic poses a great threat to the world, with this in mind, the developing of a variety of MMORPGs has been delayed, as of now, Blizzard Company has not been affected, and we will notify you at once for any delay later.

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