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taylerennie Posted: 26-Apr-20 15:39
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While Echinacea is just gaining ground in the United States, it has b
een research in Europe. Echinacea has been studied in Germany in a con
trolled study. No one knew which they were getting. The individuals wh
o took the Echinacea experienced less frequent and severe virus infect
ions. Studies continue to show that there are no toxic effects to taki
ng this herbal supplement.Immune Defence As with any medication or sup
plement they are some side effects, some side effects with Echinacea a
re diarrhea. This has been the most frequent side effect anyone has no
ted.They are many things that an individual can do to help to boost yo
ur immune system. Immune Defence Reviews Taking Echinacea is just one
of the natural herbal supplements that we can take. Studies continue t
o show the effectiveness of this supplement, and as more and more peop
le continue to look to other alternatives, Echinacea will continue to
gain in popularity. Remember to always check with you doctor before ta
king any supplement as it could have an interaction with any medicatio
n you are currently taking and could have a negative reaction.

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