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Author Topic: How Do You Attain Success - Part 2
Reta Masten Posted: 26-May-20 08:55
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The questions asked of oneself Overnight Millionaire System Review s
uch as, what if I don't succeed, what if I lose money, what if I'm not
good enough, or what if I'm not pretty enough? The more opportune que
stions that should be asked are something like, what will life be like
when I do succeed, what will I do with my new found wealth, what will
I go after next when I conquer this, or how am I going to handle all
these invitations for dinner dates? The impact of the "I can" or "I wi
ll" statement is much more powerful than that of the opposite one.

Fear of the unknown greatly impacts those who are quite satisfied wit
h status quo. They are in their comfort zone and don't like it when it
gets disturbed. Everything is predictable and therefore, they usually
know what to expect; which means no surprises. But it also means stay
ing in the box with nothing changing. This limits possibilities and po
tential. Some of the people we consider to be the most successful such
as The Wright Brothers, Benjamin Franklin, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfre
y, and Donald Trump created their success by getting out of the box an
d embracing the unknown with excitement.

The fear of getting hurt is another limitation. It applies not only t
o the emotional but physical state of being as well. While these hurts
in most circumstances, only last for a short time, we act as if exper
iencing them will bring our demise. Therefore, our first reaction is t
o avoid them at all costs like the plague. The truth is though, a brui
sed or broken heart will not be the death of us; nor will a skinned kn
ee or a broken leg. It is our reaction to those things that cause us d
ifficulty. If we were to approach them in the right manner, they would
ultimately prove to be opportunities for growth.


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