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Author Topic: dominant forest product companies
xiao1235 Posted: 10-Apr-18 11:29
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<p>flourishing, the industry is rumored that the living flooring flooring companies represented by the coastal wood companies have come to set up factories in Sichuan,<a href=''>what is the correct joist spacing for seven trust decking</a> all indications that the strategic focus of solid wood flooring is In order to understand the true intention behind the change,[url=]what colors look the wood composite[/url] readers are invited to join us to look at the wood floor market. Product Costs Continue to High-Pressure “Crush” Channels Due to the peculiarity and </p>
<p>irreplaceability of solid wood flooring products, coupled with Chinese consumers’ preferences for logs, the market potential of solid wood flooring is very large and stable.<a href=''>composite decking for boat docks floors</a> According to Tsinchu Xu, General Manager Xu said, “Because of the shortage of timber resources,[url=]wpc sheet cork building blocks[/url] raw materials have become the core competitiveness of solid wood flooring.” This year, raw material prices continue to rise, which will cause some small manufacturers to </p>
<p>face the high price of raw materials or raw materials that they cannot purchase.<a href=''>2x8 lattice framed fence toooers</a> The danger of elimination or even closure. In the past, some brands of solid wood flooring often appear out of stock, which is why? Is it because their sales are so great that production can't catch up? Of course not,[url=]decorative fence brackets[/url] the problem lies mainly in the procurement of raw materials. Fast-growing forests simply fail to meet the requirements for solid wood flooring. </p>

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