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Author Topic: Economic and Information Commission
dreamgofashion Posted: 10-Apr-18 12:49
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Event: In May 2014, Zhang Boxu, director of Beijing Economic and Information Commission, said that 300 polluting companies will withdraw from Beijing at the end of October this year. These companies are involved in brick and tile, lime, stone, bituminous waterproof membranes, flooring, ceramics and other industries.
One said: The bottom of the board is clean and it can be said with prudence. Flooring is an indispensable part of daily life for people, and the floor under the foot is not clean. How can it be called peace of mind? Last year, the detection of substandard products in the flooring industry was too numerous to mention.
This year, the entire home including the flooring industry was included. The building materials industry is carrying out remediation of environmental issues. Relevant departments and companies have also responded to the call for bold reforms. Some environmental protection policies issued by the government not only have deterrent effect on the entire industry,
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