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Author Topic: dominant forest product companies
dreamgofashion Posted: 10-Apr-18 12:52
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<p>state. It showed that the domestic market demand increased rapidly,<a href=''>internal wall panelling suppliers south africa</a> but the export situation remained unsatisfactory;[url=
]average cost of 400 square foot deck[/url] the main raw material inventory index was 55.8%, which was flat and higher than the critical value, indicating that the FPI30 index represented The inventory of raw material products of leading forest products enterprises further expanded; the employee index was 46.2%, which fell 1.9 percentage points month-on-month </p>
<p>and was below the critical value for three consecutive months.<a href=''>diy deck suitable in outdoor in gov</a> This shows that the employment status of dominant forest product companies represented by the FPI30 index continues to contract. In the FPI floor index, the production index was 73.8%,[url=]pressure treated wood or composite for landscape[/url] which was a 7.1 percentage point quarter-on-quarter increase, indicating that the dominant flooring companies represented by the FPI Floor Index continued to expand and the growth rate </p>
<p>was accelerating; the new orders index was 71.4%,<a href=''>solid composite floors stairs</a> a year-on-year increase of 4.7 percentage points. Among them, the new export order index was 55.9%, which was an increase of 8.8 percentage points from the previous quarter, and was higher than the critical value,[url=]plastic wood planks indonesia flag[/url] indicating that the market demand for the advantageous floor companies represented by the FPI floor index increased, especially the foreign demand has improved </p>

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