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Author Topic: wood floor processing companies were
xiao1235 Posted: 10-Apr-18 15:23
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<p>years. On the one hand,<a href=''>clean deck wood for urine</a> to speed up the elimination of backward productivity. For resource integration; on the other hand, new orderly competition should also be formed among the listed companies."[url=]foam board construction adhesive[/url] For the continuous reduction of profits, the relevant person in charge of Del Household said that it will drive the second half of the year by introducing high-end new products and other means. restore. Chairman of Nature's Flooring Ruan </p>
<p>Xuebin also stated that listed companies must unwaveringly revolve around “saving growth and high quality growth” to cope with the new situation and make brands,<a href=''>uk wood flooring</a> value chains, [url=]mold armor good for painted panels[/url]and teams more meticulous. At the same time, we must combine the upstream and downstream industry chains to grasp the market positioning and allow products to be more accurately marketed. He also believes that listed companies on the decline in profits </p>
<p>must also pay attention to financial management.<a href=''>advantages or panel with decorative opening</a> They should not focus on financing and relax internal potential and savings. In the fourth quarter, nature will adjust its strategy to the R&D and innovation of new products, pay more attention to the investment in technical innovation, [url=]advantage wpc floor product in castilla la mancha[/url]and prepare for the strategic adjustment and transfer next year. As for the adjustment and transfer in which area? Yan Xuebin said that we will produce more </p>

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