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Author Topic: Managing Your Blood Glucose
Syreetachen Posted: 03-Sep-20 06:35
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In addition to these factors, Gluco Type 2 Review other conditions such as use of certain medicines can trigger diabetic like symptoms known as secondary diabetes. Gestational diabetes is caused when a person is pregnant and is found to disappear once the baby is born. However, people who suffer from gestational diabetes are more prone to develop Type II diabetes at a later stage. During pregnancy insulin sensitivity is lowered because of the action of placental hormones. Repeated pregnancies may increase the chances of developing diabetes especially in overweight and obese women.

Advances in molecular genetics have helped to identify some specific and clinically recognizable forms of diabetes. However these subtypes of diabetes such as maturity onset diabetes of the young more commonly known as MODY are less common and contribute to just 5% of cases.

It is important to note that diabetes is not a contagious disease. Thus a person suffering from diabetes cannot pass it on to people who come into contact with them. It is a lifestyle disease without any cure; however with careful management one can control the symptoms of the disease and lead a healthy life.

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