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Author Topic: Finials are also making a comeback
xiao1235 Posted: 11-Apr-18 04:47
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conservative as you want to or just go crazy with your fence decor.However, many people will have a theme they would like to stay with such as; the beach; nautical; mountains; carved; etc.These themed caps can be carried throughout your fence posts to include gates and decks.They have also been used with arbors and pergolas as well. You can find
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copper post caps that, through the natural aging process over time, are simply stunning.There are also solar post caps that have small solar lights that collect the energy of the sun by day and light up your fence and deck by night. Most finials sit on top of the post cap and many look like works of art.This is why you can also find finials on stairways, flag
posts, bed posts and entrances of all kinds.When finials are placed in the right kind of setting they give that area a very regal and luxurious look. If you do not care about the look or are cutting your costs, do not cut the post caps needed to cover the exposed fence and deck posts.To do so is a short term move that will cost you in the long term.If you
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