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Author Topic: number of flooring companies
dreamgofashion Posted: 11-Apr-18 12:53
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<p>but the cost.<a href=''>how to water proofing precast parking deck for occupancy</a> The diversion of floor production bases has also made products gradually localized in response to market demand. Some of the floor processing companies in Chengdu are authorized to do OEM processing for other brands; some of them are fake OEMs, and are not authorized by the manufacturers.[url=]dancefloor out of pallets[/url] They are purely fake and inferior products. OEM is an effective means for manufacturers to reduce costs, which is an open </p>
<p>secret in the flooring industry. As long as it is a brand that has undergone OEM production through formal channels, it can stand the test of market quality,<a href=''>plastic wood composite panel for garden</a> but those manufacturers of small workshops that are not authorized by the manufacturers are purely pirated, in terms of production processes,[url=
]vinyl decking materials fence for sale[/url] quality, specifications, etc. Can not reach the standard of the regular brand. Many people in the industry are very secretive in terms of OEM. </p>
<p>Regardless of whether they are regular or violating regulations,<a href=''>pvc expansion plug</a> they are evasive and talk about such issues. What does the manufacturer's response represent? Is OEM itself a disgraceful thing, no matter what form of OEM is not on the table? With this question, the reporter visited a number of flooring companies.[url=]plastic wood for patio floor joists[/url] "The domestic floorboards have been imported and the local floorboards have been sold outside the province. This is a well-</p>

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