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Author Topic: plywood of needle
dreamgofashion Posted: 12-Apr-18 04:12
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billion square foot, glide the 38 billion square 2001 foot. The crop of American OSB slightly under the 11.96 billion square 2000 foot achieve 11.88 billion square foot, predict the yield [url=
]Composite Decking For Horse Fence Boards[/url] 2002 rises to 12.6 billion square foot. Mixed 2000 during 2002, OSB crop of Canada can have slight growth, OSB will receive major market share from inside plywood market. American plywood is produced from 1999 the 17.8 billion square

of peak period foot with the 17.2 billion [url=
]Durable Ranch Style Fence Uae[/url] square 2000 foot, fell 2001 16.4 billion square foot, predict total output of the United States can fall 2002 15.9 billion square foot. The exit foreground of predicting plywood and OSB is dim, although still have latent capacity to Asian exit, but the intense competition that American plywood encounters Brazil and Europe; To exit slow down of Europe, [url=]courtyard low cost flooring[/url] the OSB of Europe and South

America and plywood of needle leaf lumber export latent capacity to increase to the United States, it is the problem that place of company of North America production must face. Henceforth in 2 years, build man-made board demand and supply foreground to forecast, because consumption level is inferior with overproduction, cause [url=]outdoor wall covering durban southafrica[/url] the price fatigued and weak; Predict 2003, rise again when the consumption level of North

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