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Author Topic: psychological needs of consumers
dreamgofashion Posted: 12-Apr-18 07:22
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such as the meaning, symbol, personality, emotion, and taste represented by the brand. The essence of the brand spirit is a kind of individual spirit that can represent the enterprise. It is the belief, value concept or business purpose of the brand decision-makers gradually formed in the long-term production and operation;
it is the brand gradually formed in the production and operation activities. The expression of individualized ideas, such as understanding of competing ideas, quality concepts and innovative ideas. In the consumer-oriented modern society, the charm of an excellent brand lies in the cultural connotation it gives to concepts, emotions, and symbols.
For example, Coca-Cola can swept the world. They think it is because we are not selling goods. What we sell is a culture. It is an American spirit. The brand spirit meets the emotional and psychological needs of consumers and becomes a key element of competition.
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