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Author Topic: Save forestry bureau
xiao1235 Posted: 12-Apr-18 07:45
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inspection to be held in Hangzhou. Save forestry bureau deputy director general to Xie Shengrong attends the meeting and speak. Last year 1, December, zhejiang saves 22 lumber [url=]outdoor keyed deck chairs North America[/url] to carry group of go on a tour of inspection in all tour of inspection 9132 groups second, course of development of go on a tour of inspection 730 thousand kilometer, check car 88255, investigate illegal car 8821, investigate lumber 30445

stere, investigate bamboo 300 thousand, [url=]composite patio decks sale reviews[/url] fine 590 thousand yuan, money of lumber appraise at the current rate 8.98 million yuan, of lumber go on a tour of inspection begin, mix in the standard uphold timber production, current order, control plant diseases and insect pests travels, the respect such as natural resources of effective protection forest produced main effect. Foliaceous deputy director general [url=]wood composite floors[/url] emphasizes

pointing out, beginning lumber to carry go on a tour of inspection is to hold to lawfully administration, depend on the significant move of law forest, hold to " according to law state, depend on law forest " basic guiding principle, firm establish execute the law to serve for masses, serve to protect silvan natural resources, [url=
]cheap wooden railings for decking[/url] for economy construction serves, to promote forestry to last fast health expands a service.

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