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Author Topic: Green environmental protection of the floor
dreamgofashion Posted: 12-Apr-18 07:46
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<p>after wooden floor installation ends, a lot of owner are worn urgently, move furniture among them, actually this kind of means is wrong. Wood still has the item that a few need notices after floor installation,[url=]Horizontal Wood Bathroom Walls Panels[/url] will affect the service life of wooden floor otherwise. </p>

<p>Time is entered after the shop is installed</p>

<p>After floor shop is installed, cannot enter instantly, the proposal after general store is installed comes 7 days in 24 hours inside enter in time, if be entered not in time,[url=]Different Wall Paneling At Home[/url] maintain indoor airy please current, regular examination maintains, proposal once a week. </p>

<p>The furniture after the shop is installed enters time</p>

<p>After floor shop is installed, inside 48 hours (general the preserve one's health that this paragraph of time makes a floor board period) , should avoid to often ambulate on the floor and set a heavy thing,[url=]plastic composite wall panels[/url] can be floor glue so stickup and firm put apart is enough time, make floor nature airing rear can move household. </p>

<p>Extend requirement of the environment after outfit</p>

<p>After the shop is stuck, ask to indoor environment, basically be humidity, the floor is afraid of work to also be afraid of moisture, so indoor humidity 40% when, should adopt impose wet measure, indoor humidity 80% when, should ventilated platoon wet; with 50% relative humidity 65% for optimal. Should prevent sun at the same time long-term insolate. </p>

<p>Daily attention has a demand</p>

<p>Firm shop sticks a floor to should go up with paper skin shop, when avoiding to decorate construction the eyewinker perhaps paints etc drop to go up to the floor. The ground is used to fill up in mouth of doorway, kitchen, toilet, balcony, avoid water be soiled, grit to injure a floor. But want to notice, unfavorable enclothe for a long time with airtight material.[url=]profession
al wood recyclability flooring[/url] Real wood and solid Mu Fu add up to a floor to use special floor wax or woodiness oily essence to nurse please, maintain. </p>


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