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Come on admit it, our savings don't get a very good return in the bank. Currently we are talking 3% on average here in the UK. This is the reason why we, personally, decided to redirect our savings into investments, to give us a much better return.

Our investing is property orientated. We started investing in property back in 2005, when we made the decision not to sell our first house when we relocated to Kent. We still own this first property and since 2005 we have invested our money in property and property education. Flipping, refurbing, rent to rent, buy and hold, students and HMO's, we have experience in many different fields.

Our techniques can involve all or some of the following: buy, sell, refurbishment, and rent. That sounds great for the investor, but whatever the strategy used, the property owners are not neglected. Our number one goal is to ensure all parties involved are happy with the outcome. Property owners may be facing hard times with their mortgage payments or need to downsize, or simply wish to move house. There may also be potential homeowners who are struggling to raise a deposit. With our wide range of skills and expertise, we aim to help them benefit from an initially seeming non profitable situation for all parties concerned.

We are a team dedicated to creating this win win situation for all parties. Knowledge of the regional areas, and wide problem solving skill set, all enable a positive outcome for all.

If you are an owner, tenant, first time buyer or investor, and would like to benefit from our services please do make contact with us.


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