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Author Topic: flooring company manufacturers
dreamgofashion Posted: 16-Mar-18 09:55
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<p>“First Financial Daily” <a href=''>exterior wall cladding systems residential</a>that these three indicators are very basic indicators. Generally, regular enterprises do not have such unqualified phenomena. Wu Bi, an expert in the flooring industry for many years, told reporters that last year, the floor industry sales fell,[url=
]exterior timber cladding assembly[/url] and companies are cutting corners for cost savings. Due to sluggish real estate sales last year, directly affecting the downstream flooring industry, Wu Bian told reporters that, according </p>
<p>to rough statistics,<a href='
'>how much does a seven trust deck board weigh</a> the floor industry sales fell by at least 20%. Under such circumstances, some companies are cutting corners in order to save costs. Wang Shaofang's Shanghai data also proves this: “In 2011, solid wood flooring in Shanghai fell by about 30% compared with 2010.[url=
]cheap panel fence for garden in romania for sale[/url] Sales were very bad.” Gao Zhihua, a flooring industry expert, told reporters that at present, China's flooring (floor quotes, flooring Manufacturers' directory) </p>
<p>Nearly half of the industry's production capacity is idle.<a href='
'>composite patio slats steps on broadway</a> China has about 2,300 wood flooring companies and annual production capacity is about 800 million square meters, but nearly 400 million square meters of production capacity has not played a role. The problem is equally serious in Nanxun,[url=]veneer wood decking[/url] which is about half of the wooden floor capital of China's wooden floor. Jiang Xuelin, president of the Nanxun Wood Flooring </p>

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