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Author Topic: How to Move Office with Minimal Stress?
top5ldh Posted: 14-Sep-20 04:51
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How to Move Office with Minimal Stress?

Moving to a new premise sounds interesting and exciting to the owner and employees of an organization. But when the reality of packing boxes and moving logistics hits you, all the excitement seems to die down. Whether you are going to do the relocation yourself or you are going to outsource it to a professional packing and moving company, office relocation is bound to bring in some amount of stress. But, experts say that, if planned well in advance, office moving may not be as terrifying as it seems in the beginning. Here are a few tips, which you n consider while relocating your office.

Start Your Planning 6 months in Advance
When we talk about 6 months, it seems excessive in the beginning, but time flies by. If you do not plan extensively from the very beginning, when the relocation day arrives it will be very stressful for you. Try to know the new location of the office inside out. You can draw maps; take pictures of the rooms in order to avoid any confusion about the space in the end.

Discuss the Move with Your Employees
Communication among the employees is very important during a corporate move. All the people involved from your employees, landlords, packers, and movers should be well aware of every minute detail. The plan of moving should be chalked out long before its execution. This would give the employees peace of mind and save you from answering their hundreds of questions on the relocating day. The employees can also help you in organizing an online garage sale or arranging charity pick up items that are outdated or no longer used. Discussing the move can also bring out some hidden talents among the employees. You would be amazed at how much innovation can be inspired when the relocation is chalked out properly.

Schedule a Special Meeting with IT Department
The IT (Information Technology) team requires the maximum amount of notice at the time of relocation. You cannot underestimate the magnitude of the task they handle every day. Relocating the physical IT infrastructure associated with network design is a mammoth task. You should schedule a special meeting on relocation with the IT department.

Label each box and Color Code Them
At the time of packing the boxes make sure that each of them is labeled properly. Even the furniture, like the desk to be Packers and Movers Ahmedabad placed at a particular location after the move, has to be labeled properly to help out the movers. Place the label in a spot that is easily visible by the movers. It prevents any confusion at the end. You can consider drawing a map of where each piece of furniture needs to be placed in the new location.

Color-coding the boxes is a good idea to move ahead. You can assign a particular color to each department. Large signs placed at specific places (“yellow boxes here”) help the movers to park them in the assigned area. It saves a lot of time at the time of unpacking the boxes. You should be very strict about this measure to be followed at the time of relocation and make sure every employee has understood the process.

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